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What is ATR product using for ?

  • Museum
  • Coaching
  • Conference, MICE
  • Educational Training/Teaching
  • Group Tours: trekking tour, biking tour, walking tour…etc
coaching, education , group tour whisper
Communication Model

A beneficial Audio Transmitter and Receiver Device:

  • Easily audience gets information from speaker, even if with along distance and no DISTRACTION from noisiness outside
  • Resolved the problem in a crowded communication, don’t affect to other people out of group
  • Easily carry on with small device and being able to recharge battery to PROTECT a green environment
  • Speaker is being able to walk or move in while delivering information to Audience
Using ATR at The Conference

Strong and Stable Signal

  • Using with the high quality USA chipset to ensure a long digital signal transmission.
  • Real digital technology to guarantee no interference with Bluetooth, 4G network and wifi, other devices
Functional Detail of Audio Transmitter & Receiver
Set Volume and Channels for Audio Transmitter & Receiver

Product Details

  • Model: ATR-AECTECH
  • Name: Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Frequency Range: 2400-2480MHz
  • Channel Options: 80 channels
  • Distance Range: Up to 180 meters
  • Switching Bandwidth: 80Mhz
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz
  • Output Power: 10mW
  • Operating Voltage 3.7V
  • Battery: built-in Lithium battery

Transmitter Detail

• Battery Capability: 1500mA
• Battery Time: Up to 10 hours
• Microphone: Jack 3.5mm

Receiver Detail

• Battery Capability: 1000mA
• Battery Time: Up to 10 hours
• Earphone Jack: 3.5mm

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